Making New Friends and Learning New Games

Marni met one of our rather reclusive neighbors this week. He ambles through the area occasionally. Not too often – and doesn’t stay long. Never has much to say about his world. But he always smells fantastic!!

IMG_1199 IMG_1200She was a polite hostess, but rather obsessed with her guest all day.

On another note, the young Labrador Retriever is just recently starting to dig down into her retrieving heritage and she’s finding it rather fun!

IMG_1206 IMG_1207She doesn’t have much stamina for the game. Too many distractions that she finds more fulfilling –

IMG_1209But we’re making progress!!!

Hope you have an adventurous day!!!



Friendship Day AND Watermelon Day!!

Yesterday, August 2, was Friendship Day! And today, August 3, is Watermelon Day! Friends and Watermelon! What could be better?!

Well, we celebrated both events today – Friends ventured out to The 7 Acre Wood to play in the river with us. It was a big Dog Party!!!

We had with us – our 2 Golden Buddies – Jazz and Buzz. And Walker’s brother Challenger. And little Labby pup, Kingpin! What a fun time!!

And since it’s Watermelon Day, we brought the day to a close with one of Marni’s favorite treats –


Hope you had a fun-filled, juicy Day, too!!

Whew! a Busy July!!

July is coming to an end, and it has been a busy month for Marni. Visitors from afar. Outings. Parades. River fun time. Training. New games.

We left off with the GDUI convention in Dallas. What an adventure that was for Marni! Hundreds of working guide dogs – everywhere – going this way and that. A bit stressful for Marni – and a stressful environment for the working pros as well. The convention organizers kept that all in mind. There were plenty of easy access “busy” areas and a play room for the dogs –  with plenty of great dog toys! They also had a canine massage expert on hand, Carla Campbell from California,  to teach sessions about massage and provide private therapy for anyone who needed it. Marni got to sit in on one of the sessions and it put her right to sleep!

IMG_1005After that bit of relaxation therapy, we met up with the other North Texas pups and SEGDI trainer Chrissy, for a ride on the Dart rail and a walk around the West End area of Dallas. We ended the evening with dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse where Marni got to enjoy a nice snooze.

So many sensations, sights and sounds to process! Marni proved to be a champ! As did all the pups!


More July fun to come!!!


A Grand Day at the GDUI Conference

Dallas is playing host to the American Council for the Blind annual conference and convention. Along with this conference, the Guide Dog Users, Inc. is holding their annual conference. The North Texas Puppy Raiser group is volunteering time to help out.

Marni and I ventured out to downtown Dallas today to put in our time. The conference is being held at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. This is a Grand hotel. Lots of people of all shapes and sizes going to and fro. Lots of luggage carts going to and fro. Lots of elevator riding. And the hotel is now FULL of working guide dogs. Marni was over the top excited about the whole experience. She thought it was the biggest play date ever! Mostly she was very well behaved and tried to ignore all those working dogs. But it was hard for her.

Our volunteer time consisted of sitting in the hall near the elevators on the 7th floor and directing folks to the GDUI suite – kind of a hospitality suite. This was how Marni spent her day –

We took advantage of quite a bit of down time to practice some training drills –

Down and Under








And she got a new toy for being such a good girl!


It was quite an experience! We both learned a lot today! Yay for learning experiences!!

Out on the Town

Twice a month the North Texas Puppy Raiser group gets together to take the pups on socialization outings. Good for the pups and good for the raisers! Along with the outings, we have had Puppy Kindergarten this month. Monday evenings have been set aside for puppy obedience and playtime.

IMG_0422 IMG_0421

A singing and dancing Mickey Mouse made an appearance at our last puppy kindergarten meet-up. Marni was not too sure about it.

A trip to Twisted Root Burgers provided some good socialization and naptime for the pups –

And a visit to the Cottonwood Art Festival was quite exciting!

A very busy April!


The days and nights of a Guide Dog Puppy in training