A Trip to Dallas

Electra was due for her 12 week vaccination boosters and that meant a trip to Dallas to see Dr Heymann. I, though, forgot to take pictures at the clinic! Next visit. I did get pictures at our other stops — Nanny’s house and Pet Supplies Plus. Click on any picture to see the whole gallery.

We came home to find a bulldozer in the pasture!

IMG_5507Ellie thought it was pretty funny!

Puppy Play Date With Cousin Doug

Electra had a big date with her “cousin” Doug. What a fun day! He had some GREAT toys! There was plenty of wrestling, playing on the playground equipment, sliding down slides, and plenty of yummy treats! Then a good nap while the humans had lunch at Culver’s. What an excellent adventure!

In the pictures, Electra has the light colored color and Doug’s is dark.

Click on any picture to see the whole gallery.

A Big Day of Outings

Electra had a big day today! Visits to the bank and the post office. A walk along the River Walk with ducks and bridges and kids on bicycles. And cars whizzing by. And smells! Oh the smells! Then a trip to Rhythm and Walker’s vet’s office to pick up heartworm pills and to Tractor Supply. More SMELLS! And people to greet! Back home to face the vacuum cleaner! A real trooper throughout!

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