Off To the Races!

Electra got to attend the Kaufman HS Regional Track Meet in Commerce, Tx.  She was a real trooper.  She was very excited by all the people and rather tempted by all the potential snacks on the bleacher floors. But she was not fazed by starter guns or loud cheering and clapping and whistling. While there she got to meet a real working guide dog who belonged to one of the runners. Rhythm did a post about this young lady some time ago. She is quite an incredible young person! You can check it out HERE.

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Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten has begun! A once a week playfest for the Dallas Area Puppy Raisers.  Electra gets to go romp and run with her brother, Nick, and her other buddies from Florida – Doug, Belle, Harrison, Jill, and Bill.

She was so excited about this event that she had trouble containing herself. PK will also be a time for learning some self-control.

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Meeting the Sponsors – Classic BMW

On Friday, March 28, we traveled to Plano to meet Electra’s sponsors–Classic BMW. The employees of the dealership collected the sponsorship funds and made a generous donation to SEGDI as a Christmas gift to owners, Lee and Eric Maas. They chose the name Electra in honor of BMW’s new all electric car. And now it was time for owners and pup to meet each other!

Carey Leslie and Electra’s brother Nick joined us for the big event.

It was a fun day for everyone!

Bluebonnets and the River

Bluebonnets are blooming and the river is flowing. But both won’t last much longer without some rain! I decided to take advantage while I could.



Electra LOVED the water. Jumped right in and swam across the pool. But the riverbed was pretty slimy, slippy slidey so we didn’t stay too long.

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