Learning to be Obedient


Puppy school is really hard work!!

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Getting a group picture – with all the outtakes
Electra, Rhythm, Bill, Harrison, Nick, Our trainer – Ginny, Jill, Belle, Doug

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Thank you to Ginny Townsend for her knowledge, her patience, and her JOY!

On the Go

Days have been pretty busy for Electra

The 4th of July brought fireworks and parades —

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And she has been going to the library with the big dogs, Rhythm and Walker. Those kids are sure a lot of fun!

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There have been plenty of trips about town –



electra 2 6-20-2014 IMG_0333

And obedience classes are going strong –

obedience class 7-7-14Lots of hard work for a pup!!

A Puzzle

There are two sides to Electra –

The quiet, contemplative Electra

And the Go, Go, Go Electra

She can bounce between the two images like a light switch. On, off. On, off. She is a fascinating puzzle.