A Day With Kay

I have a dear friend, Kay, who lives far away and we don’t get together very often. So when we do, we make a fun day of it and spend lots of time catching up. We recently had one of those fine days. It was an artsy day with a visit to and tour of the Craft Guild of Dallas. It is a big, spacious, light-filled, well equipped, inviting environment for artists of all kinds. This was followed by lunch at Gloria’s Latin cuisine restaurant where Electra napped nicely under the table.

Next stop was the Art Barn at the University of Texas at Dallas. This was recommended to us by our guide at the Craft Guild – Cynthia Saathoff who has some work available at the Art Barn gift shop. The Art Barn is one of the original buildings at UTD and it was recently up for demolition to make room for bigger, newer buildings.  Ms Saathoff lead a move to save the building with an “Arms Around the Art Barn” campaign that evidently worked!

We topped the day off with some cold iced tea at La Madeleine’s where Ellie enjoyed the cool tile floor and some nice ice cubes.

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