Skateboarding and Puppy Camp

Southeastern Guide Dogs asks that their puppies in training spend about 3 weeks away from their assigned puppy raiser home. This provides the pup with a whole new range of experiences. That means camp time for these 9 month olds! So, our Dallas group got together at the Allen Skate Park for some fun with skateboards and bikes and skates and then we traded pups. What a confusing time for pups and raisers alike! Adjusting to new personalities! Whew!!

Electra has gone to stay with Harrison’s family and Harrison is at our house learning to be a farm dog. He is a Goldador (Lab/Golden cross) about 2 weeks older than Electra.

Thanks to Missy Griffy, Melissa Leslie, and Troy Ledbetter for the great pictures! And if you mouse over each picture you should get some captions. Next up – Life with Harrison!

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