Play Ball!!

Yesterday Stephen got to go on a long drive out to East Texas to watch some baseball. A little league baseball tournament is a sensory overload for a 6 month old pup! Wow!!

There’s food EVERYWHERE! French fries, nachos, popcorn, candy, hot dogs, chips, more candy, more french fries. On the ground, on peoples laps, on hands, on faces. The smells wafting through the air and trailing on the ground. Babies crying. Moms and Dads and coaches yelling. Lots of clapping and screaming. Cleats clomping by followed by bags and coolers on rollers. Balls flying through the air.

He met LOTS of kids. Kids who wanted to hug and kiss. Kids who were afraid. Kids who wanted to feed him chewing gum. Kids who wanted to just sit with him.

On our drive out we stopped at Buc-ee’s for gas fill-up and potty break. This person does not like Buc-ee’s. It is sensory overload for me and more than I like to deal with. But I thought it might be an interesting stop for Stephen. And it was. We encountered LOTS of oohing and aahhhing. Lots of “can we pet?” Lots of smells. Good and bad. Both at Buc-ee’s and the ball game there were lots of legs to maneuver around.

We had many opportunities to educate about puppies and guide dogs and service dogs. About good behavior. For pups and kids.

It all required a good deal of patience. And Stephen had what it took!

A good good day!

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