Stephen did a lot of traveling last week. Visiting family and friends near and far. We began with semi- local stops – the bank and the doctor’s office where he worked on patience.

And lunch by the lake where he learned about honking geese and roaring jet skis.

And got to practice Leave it!

Next was a long road trip up to Melissa, Texas where he found a new friend in Benjamin.

And Benjamin gifted him his own swimming pool!!

Thanks Benjamin!!

Next was Kaufman, Texas where he found a new friend in the School Maintenance Man who had LOUD tools!

And A Kaufman Deputy with a cool Cop Car!

And then there was the really long trip to Blanco where he learned about DEER.

And the equally long trip to College Station where he met up with old friends Riley, Hunter, and Marni. He had the opportunity to get in some swimming in the lake. (I didn’t have the camera around for that. 😦 )

And tomorrow we head to Dallas to meet up with siblings Arthur, Griffy, and Dottie and buddies Millie and Allen and Grace to see Christopher Robin at the movie theater!! What a treat! More practice with Patience!

Hope y’all are enjoying a good week!!


One thought on “Traveling”

  1. Finally went back and got this one pulled up–so fun to see Marni girl–you have been all over the place my dear!!


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