Jazz at the Library

The Ft Worth Library offers a summer Jazz Concert Series every 3rd Thursday of the months of the summer. A great place to listen to some great music – air conditioned, beautiful setting, spacious, welcoming to all walks of life.

Stephen enjoyed an evening of great learning experiences. He doesn’t get to the Big City very often, so a night of Jazz provided an evening of busy city streets with laughing, loud passersby, whizzing, blaring traffic , visions of look-alike dogs in shop windows, birds sauntering by, all kinds of tidbits on the sidewalks, and oh, the smells!! So much to take notice of! Seeing and smelling and hearing. Lots of the same sensations he experiences in our little Glen Rose – but on a much larger scale! Whew!!

Then there was the library. MUCH grander than our hometown library with those sweet librarians. More folks wanting to pet and ask questions, kids everywhere, computers and printers and copy machines all with their whirring, clicking noises.

And then the highlight – the Music. Stephen hears music all the time. It’s playing through his home always, and blaring in his ears in the car. It’s just background noise for him. And the Jazz  Concert was the same. Lots of feet to watch out for, but otherwise a nice place to nap. He was VERY excited to meet the trumpet player afterwards though! He couldn’t contain his JOY!! Mr Luke Wingfield was happy to meet Stephen as well!!

Thank you Ft Worth Library and Mario Cruz and his Band!

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