The Brotherhood

It has been a Puppy Merry-Go-Round at the 7 Acre Wood! Pups coming and going. You met Stephen’s brother, Arthur, in the last post. Arthur arrived August 17. For 3 weeks it was Brother Stephen and Brother Arthur. Running, wrestling, chasing, splashing, growling, barking, sharing, snuggling. It was a bit tricky training 2 at the same time. But we kind of managed. And they took turns going places.

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On September 12 the Dallas Puppy Raisers had a great Bowling outing in Dallas. Both Arthur and Stephen came along.

Stephen & Arthur

This bowling outing marked the beginning of Puppy Camp for all the pups. Puppy Camp is something mandated by Southeastern Guide Dogs whereby puppies go to spend time at someone else’s house for 2 weeks. This provides new experiences and new handlers for the pups to learn about. So when we left the bowling alley, Stephen went home with the Ledbetters and their pup, Griffy, came home with me and Arthur. Griffy is another Brother!! These 3 brothers are from the QQ17 litter born at SEGDI on November 12, 2017. They also have a sister in Dallas, Dottie. I don’t know of other siblings, but there might be some in other places. Anyway, now we have Brother Arthur and Brother Griffy at the 7 Acre Wood. Chasing, wrestling, jumping, splashing, growling, barking, sharing, snuggling.

Arthur did not seem to fit on our dog beds –

And it seems that Griffy had the same problem –

On September 17 Arthur’s mom returned to Texas and he said Adios to Brother Griffy and the 7 Acre Wood. Griffy is left all alone. Well, the only pup, anyway.

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Looking at these pictures it appears that Griffy got to go to more places than Arthur, but that was not the case. It is just that Arthur did not like to have his picture taken. I was seldom quick enough to capture him before he would duck and leave.  😦

And, there was no river to play in while Arthur was here, but while Griffy has been here we’ve had MUSHROOMS! Everywhere! That all the pups have wanted to eat! So, Griffy has not been able to run free in the pasture. 😦

Puppy Camp ends tomorrow, Wednesday. Griffy will go home to Dallas and Stephen will come back to the 7 Acre Wood. He’s been having lots of fun experiences himself and I’m anxious to hear all about it! I’ve missed my boy!

It’s been a fascinating experience to spend time with all the Brothers. It’s uncanny how very much alike they all are. Their appearance, their personalities, their habits. Uncanny. But they ARE Brothers after all!!