October Fun

October was quite a month for Little Stephen. Lots and lots of rain. Rain and more rain. And Stephen does LOVE the rain!!

The rain did create some difficulties for us. Stephen missed out on the big Alzheimer’s Walk and a wedding.  I don’t think he minded too much though.

He had plenty of Fun Opportunities in spite of the rain. He went to the movies with Brother Arthur.  Rear Window. He slept through the whole thing.

Then there was a Big Awards Dinner. Aunt Chrissy was receiving a Distinguished Alumni Award. Stephen was quite proud!

Obedience at the Mall where we worked on ignoring distractions

A bigger distraction for Stephen than those treats on the floor, was a couple of kids running in circles around him! He did soooo want to join them!

Stephen spent some quality time at school

The North Texas Puppy Group spent an evening at a Halloween Store.

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He does make a pretty good Thing 1, I think!

Stephen managed to get in some early Voting. He’s not telling who he voted for!

He SCORED at a business workshop

Sister Mandy came for an extended visit. Stephen was a pretty good host.

And now he’s off to Mandy’s house for a few days while Mom Person goes for a bit of a trip.

A busy, productive month – in spite of the rains!!

Galveston, Oh Galveston!

Another trip to the beach for Stephen!! He does LOVE the beach!! The sand, the waves, the birds, the smells, the sand crabs, digging, running, watching, sniffing. A sensory Wonderland!

Only problem with this trip – NO KIDS!! To romp with and splash with and dig with and chase! NO KIDS! He kept watching for them, but they never came.  😦

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He did have a bunch of Sweet Dog-loving Ladies to dote on him tho!

It was a rather stormy, rainy weekend, but Stephen didn’t mind one bit. Slept through all the thunder and sat out in the rain meditating.

The beach sure is empty when it’s raining!

He got to ride on the Ferry.

And he got to enjoy a SWEET Pup Treat at Barnaby’s Cafe.

A fine fine weekend!