Galveston, Oh Galveston!

Another trip to the beach for Stephen!! He does LOVE the beach!! The sand, the waves, the birds, the smells, the sand crabs, digging, running, watching, sniffing. A sensory Wonderland!

Only problem with this trip – NO KIDS!! To romp with and splash with and dig with and chase! NO KIDS! He kept watching for them, but they never came.  😦

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He did have a bunch of Sweet Dog-loving Ladies to dote on him tho!

It was a rather stormy, rainy weekend, but Stephen didn’t mind one bit. Slept through all the thunder and sat out in the rain meditating.

The beach sure is empty when it’s raining!

He got to ride on the Ferry.

And he got to enjoy a SWEET Pup Treat at Barnaby’s Cafe.

A fine fine weekend!

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