A Training Bonanza!!!

This weekend Stephen and I participated in the National Brain Tumor Walk at Trinity Park in Ft Worth, Tx. It was a beautiful day, although quite chilly! I expected it to be a good training outing for Stephen, but it turned out to be a real Lollapalooza!!

There was a huge crowd of milling folks, young, old, infirm. Wheelchairs, strollers, loud music, balloons, much laughter and cheering.

There were LOTS of kids –

Wanting to pet

Playing Football!

Running and playing all along the walk

There were DOGS! Oh so many dogs! Big and small. Mostly very well behaved. There was even a gentleman playing fetch with his big Lab. In the river!!!

Stephen was really put to the test with all of this.  In the beginning he had a REALLY tough time with his “Impulse Control.” His impulse being to meet and greet and play! But it didn’t take too long for him to settle into the job at hand.

There were trains –

Stephen handled it all like the real trooper that he is!

The whole affair began and ended with a ride on a narrow, crowded shuttle bus

All in all it was a tremendously successful day! For the National Brain Tumor Society. And for Stephen!