A Holiday Travelogue

2018 ended with a big whopping road trip to California. Stephen is a road trip warrior and handled the trip with aplomb. Even with a packed full car.

Besides the usual stops for busy time and stretching the legs a bit —

we made a couple of touristy stops —

The Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix, Az

A great children’s area, and good distraction/impulse control atmosphere! It was kind of dog friendly- several little dogs checking things out as well.

Then there was a stop in Quartzsite, Az to visit the Hi Jolly Monument. A fantastic cemetery in the desert!

First thing on the agenda when we arrived in California was a performance of The Nutcracker presented by the Long Beach Ballet Company and featuring our own Little Princesses.

Stephen was ready with hair and make-up advice.

He said the accommodations were a bit tight, but that girl in front of him sure had nice smelling hair!

Next came a visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific and some fun Christmas lights.

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Stephen had to call on all his training skills to get through the maze of crowds at the aquarium. The toughest part for him was all the pigeons everywhere outside!!! Man! Hard to ignore!

Then it was Christmas and play time with everyone – Some lucky folks got some really nice blankets.

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And time to say good-by to California. Lunch at Tio’s Tacos in Riverside and hit the road again.

Just in time to catch the Blizzard blowing through Arizona! Stephen thought it was great fun!

We managed to make it home safe and sound.  A couple of days rest then off again to Galveston to celebrate the coming of the New Year! More to come —-

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