Saying Good-Bye to Stephen

The hardest part about Puppy Raising is not the sleepless nights, or the vomit and poop and pee, or the chewed shoes and gnawed furniture. It’s not the battle scars from sharp baby teeth, or the frustrations of training, or the worries that you are not being the best for your pup. The hardest part is letting go. Letting go of a piece of your heart. So why do we do it?! Because the rewards at the end are unbelievably precious. The Knowing that that pup that stole your heart and love will be pouring it out for someone who NEEDS his love. It’s a gift. A gift to the visually impaired person who receives the pup, and a gift to the raiser of a job well done.

Stephen has moved on to “college.” His next phase of training. He was, I believe, the best pup I have had the pleasure of raising. He has taken my heart and my tears off with him. And I’m pretty confident that he isn’t missing me too much. He’s with his Best Bud, brother Arthur. And he’s spending his days learning new things. He loves learning new things. I’m anxious to see where he goes from here.

I did a road trip to Florida for the big event. Along with fellow raiser, Leslie Cechan. Leslie has had Arthur for the last year. We had a great trip out there. The boys were good travelers. Did well in the car and in the hotels.

Southeastern Guide Dogs does Turn In Time BIG. It’s quite a day for the puppy raisers. 28 pups showed up for their Freshman Orientation. 28 + folks showed up with lots of kleenex.

This is Stephen’s litter – Magic, Arthur, Dottie, Stephen, and Griffy

Stephen was quite ready to go off with the new trainer!

So, Stephen is off to bigger and better things. A whole new world for him. He’ll be fine. I believe that. He’ll be fine.

And I went from the intake kennel to the puppy kennel to pick up my new charge! Nothing soothes a broken heart like a new puppy!!

Meet Donnie!!

And I’ll tell you all about him tomorrow!!


2 thoughts on “Saying Good-Bye to Stephen”

  1. I love this entry!! The travel memories and pictures make me smile. It was such a good trip in so many ways. I, too, loved my Arthur so much and feel Stephen and Arthur are on the right track to do good things. I loved we got to raise brothers and here we are raising brothers once again! Another fun year to look forward to!


  2. Oh how I loved reading this! Y’all had a great year together and I know Stephen is preparing to fulfill the dream you began with him. Donnie has only begun to realize how lucky he is to have gone home with you!


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