Hello Donnie!

Meet Donnie
from the 2KK18 litter
born 07 Dec 2018
Black Lab Male
Sire – Murphy  Dam-Josie

The rest of his litter – Donnie’s brother, Neely, 2nd from left, returned to Texas with us. The other 4 went off to Jacksonville, Fla.

Donnie is sponsored by Tim and Missy Griffy – fellow puppy raisers of the North Texas Puppy Raiser group. He is named in honor of Donnie Cechan, another fellow raiser who died in 2017.  His wife Leslie now has puppy Donnie’s brother, Neely – also sponsored by the Griffys.

Leslie with puppy Donnie along with Neely on the left and Carver on the right. Sitting on Donnie’s Bench. Carver is not from the same litter and is a couple of weeks older than the other 2, but is here in Texas with us. The 3 pups will be learning new things together.

Donnie and Neely returned to Texas together and were great travelers – just like their predecessors, Stephen and Arthur.

I think they will be best buds!

And now they both are adjusting to their new lives away from Mom and Siblings. House rules, yard rules, people rules, leashes, grass, furniture, strange animals. It’s all new and exciting.

So far, so good here at the 7 Acre Wood!

I will keep you apprised of their progress!






5 thoughts on “Hello Donnie!”

  1. Hi Janet—did you know that there is another sister to this litter that arrived in the FW group with a new raiser on Thursday? Her name is Chloe—she is black like Donnie. I love these photos while in travel mode!!



  2. Exciting times for all involved. I so enjoy reading your blogs. It’s living vicariously. It brings a smile to my heart.


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