Beach Adventures

Donnie has never cared much for getting his feet wet. From day 1, rain and wet ground have had him staring up at me with scorn. When the weather started getting warm, I put out a blue plastic pool for him. He’s been happy to drink out of it. I can pick him up and place him in it. He will stand – with that same look of scorn – for about 10 seconds – then he’s outta there.

My Family’s Annual Beach Trip Gathering took place the 1st weekend in May. I was anxious to see how Donnie would take to the whole event. I knew he would enjoy the kids and all the attention. I thought he might think the sand was fun. I could not bring up a vision of him in the water.

He fooled me though! He DID enjoy those kids!

And he DID enjoy the walks on the beach.

He DID enjoy chasing the birds. I can’t say that he ENJOYED the water, but he was willing to cater to my whims. He followed me in – for a little ways. But was very happy to head back to the dry sand.

But I think by Saturday afternoon he might have been actually enjoying it. Maybe just a bit. Having the kids there helped.

He mostly just enjoyed lounging and soaking up the sun.

Overall it was a GOOD weekend. For me, for Donnie, for everyone.

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