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Sand, Sea, and Kids

It was a BIG week for Stephen. Kids everywhere he turned. And oh what fun that was!! And then came the Beach! And oh what fun that was!! He loved every minute of it.

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He was quite intrigued with the Boogie Board. He did a bit of surfing on it. Jumped on with his front foot and raced it down the shoreline. Like a Skim Board. Like he does his Dinner Bowl at home!

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And after a day in the sun, there’s dinner at a good fishy smelling restaurant –

And then home to crash –

We wish you a Good Summer!



It’s Summertime!! And here in Texas that means Water Play!

Wherever you can find it!

Pooltime with brother Griffy
more buckets

Y’all stay cool now!

Play Ball!!

Yesterday Stephen got to go on a long drive out to East Texas to watch some baseball. A little league baseball tournament is a sensory overload for a 6 month old pup! Wow!!

There’s food EVERYWHERE! French fries, nachos, popcorn, candy, hot dogs, chips, more candy, more french fries. On the ground, on peoples laps, on hands, on faces. The smells wafting through the air and trailing on the ground. Babies crying. Moms and Dads and coaches yelling. Lots of clapping and screaming. Cleats clomping by followed by bags and coolers on rollers. Balls flying through the air.

He met LOTS of kids. Kids who wanted to hug and kiss. Kids who were afraid. Kids who wanted to feed him chewing gum. Kids who wanted to just sit with him.

On our drive out we stopped at Buc-ee’s for gas fill-up and potty break. This person does not like Buc-ee’s. It is sensory overload for me and more than I like to deal with. But I thought it might be an interesting stop for Stephen. And it was. We encountered LOTS of oohing and aahhhing. Lots of “can we pet?” Lots of smells. Good and bad. Both at Buc-ee’s and the ball game there were lots of legs to maneuver around.

We had many opportunities to educate about puppies and guide dogs and service dogs. About good behavior. For pups and kids.

It all required a good deal of patience. And Stephen had what it took!

A good good day!

That’ll Do!

Stephen spent a day sheep herding today. Well, he actually spent the day playing with his buddy Oliver while his other friend, Nihima, did the sheep herding.

Whatever, Stephen had a Grand Adventure Day. He was not real impressed with the sheep. They weren’t quite like his goats. Maybe a bit more untrustworthy. But not something to worry about.

Oliver was much more fun!

And then there was a picnic and walk in the park by the river! He really would have liked to go for a bit of a swim, but the humans did not want to ride home with a wet, smelly pup.  😦

The geese were pretty interesting though!

All in all it was an Excellent Day. And That’ll do just fine!

A Sea Adventure

Stephen discovered the ocean this past weekend. And BOY! did he love it!! Water to splash in, bubbles and crabs to catch, birds and kids to chase, sand to dig. What more could a pup ask for?!

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And besides the beach, there were kids!! Kids to run with and swim with and play with and dress up with.


And there was a voyage on a real Pirate Ship!!

And shopping and restaurants and a LONG ride in the car.

Whew!! What an Adventure!!!

And on to the next one!!

Learning About the World at Large

Stephen has been out and about ALOT lately. Spending LOTS of time in the car. Fortunately for us both he’s a very good traveler!

Stephen got to meet all the “Powers That Be” in Somervell County. The county auditor, the county attorney, the county judge, lots of clerks. A whole bunch of nice folks. He learned a lot about county government.

The Founders statue made a BIG impression on the little guy!
Glen Rose is the Dinosaur Capitol of Texas
Somervell County Courthouse


We had a couple of fun outings with our fellow puppy buddies

A puppy wash at Earthwise Pet Supply in Richardson
Collin Creek Mall in Richardson


A soccer game

The local feed store

The Toyota service department

He’s learning all about public bathrooms

He attended a funeral at the National Cemetery in Dallas. He really liked hearing TAPS.

And he did a bit of shopping with Mom. Oh, the aromas of new clothes!!

He’s been to banks and post offices and church and the grocery store. And LOTS of restaurants.

Stephen is such a gift to my psyche! He finds such JOY in everything he does. The world is just full of new and wondrous things everywhere you look – and sniff.

I hope you can go out and find some Wonders in your world this week!



At Home at the 7 Acre Wood

Just a little look at Stephen’s life these days at the 7 Acre Wood.

Learning to commune politely with the other residents – namely –
Wally the Cat

Sharing space and sharing toys

Quiet time

Playing in the rain

Playing tag

And learning a GOOD Sit/Stay
This is a particularly FINE picture because just off to Stephen’s right, the chickens are parading in to see what’s going on.

And if you look closely in the shadows you’ll see those crazy hens! Stephen is doing a FINE job of ignoring them!!

I wish you all a FINE week full of Warmth and Sunshine!