A Big Day of Outings

Electra had a big day today! Visits to the bank and the post office. A walk along the River Walk with ducks and bridges and kids on bicycles. And cars whizzing by. And smells! Oh the smells! Then a trip to Rhythm and Walker’s vet’s office to pick up heartworm pills and to Tractor Supply. More SMELLS! And people to greet! Back home to face the vacuum cleaner! A real trooper throughout!

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Electra Comes to Texas

Electra arrived at DFW airport in Dallas on Sunday afternoon, March 2, 2014. It was icy and snowy and cold. A rude introduction to Texas! She was accompanied by Troy and Laura Ledbetter and their new pup Doug.

IMG_5093electra on the plane IMG_5095

Her name is quite fitting – she is a Live Wire! Rhythm and Walker were not quite sure what to make of her.

The days and nights of a Guide Dog Puppy in training