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Whew! a Busy July!!

July is coming to an end, and it has been a busy month for Marni. Visitors from afar. Outings. Parades. River fun time. Training. New games.

We left off with the GDUI convention in Dallas. What an adventure that was for Marni! Hundreds of working guide dogs – everywhere – going this way and that. A bit stressful for Marni – and a stressful environment for the working pros as well. The convention organizers kept that all in mind. There were plenty of easy access “busy” areas and a play room for the dogs –  with plenty of great dog toys! They also had a canine massage expert on hand, Carla Campbell from California,  to teach sessions about massage and provide private therapy for anyone who needed it. Marni got to sit in on one of the sessions and it put her right to sleep!

IMG_1005After that bit of relaxation therapy, we met up with the other North Texas pups and SEGDI trainer Chrissy, for a ride on the Dart rail and a walk around the West End area of Dallas. We ended the evening with dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse where Marni got to enjoy a nice snooze.

So many sensations, sights and sounds to process! Marni proved to be a champ! As did all the pups!


More July fun to come!!!