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Marni’s 1st Day on the Town

Marni’s welcome to Texas has mostly been about rain and cold, mud and snow. But today was relatively nice so I decided some time out and about was called for. Off we went to the town square in Glen Rose. A pretty busy place during spring break. Marni got to visit with quite a few out-of-towners. She likes being a meeter/greeter!

Charles and Juana Barnard
Charles and Juana Barnard
The Somervell County courthouse
The Somervell County courthouse
One of the locals
One of the locals
Learning about dinosaurs
Learning about dinosaurs

It turned out to be a nice introduction for Marni to all the wonders of town life. Motorcycles, big huge 18 wheelers, plenty of traffic with honking horns, boys throwing a football. A good beginning for our little guide dog in training.


And We Say Hello to Marni!

After letting go of Electra and drying some of the tears, we got to meet our new pup, Marni.


Black Lab female
DOB – 11/27/2014
Mom – Essie   Dad – Carbon

Marni has been sponsored by Classic BMW in Plano, Texas
(as was Electra) and is named in honor of a long time employee there.

Marni is a breeder candidate, which means that she could possibly become part of the community of dogs at Southeastern used to breed future generations of great dogs. She has also been designated as a possible candidate in a co-op breeding program in which breeding stock can be shared with other guide dog schools around the country and in Canada. But all of those possibilities are way in the future. Right now we concentrate on helping her to become the best possible dog that she can be!

IMG_2604Marni has 3 siblings – Mandy, Thomas, and London. Mandy and Thomas came back to Texas with Marni and London stayed in Florida with a family there. Texas raisers will also be hosting a golden retriever this year!

After a long, emotional day at the school, the North Texas pups and their raisers celebrated at Yoder’s restaurant in Sarasota.

A night in the hotel, a long ride on the airplane,  ( and I must compliment United airlines on their graciousness throughout our flight experience!) and snow in Texas –

Welcome home Ms Marni!!!!

Harrison at the Farm

Harrison has now met all the residents of the 7 Acre Wood.  He has been quite intrigued with them all. He has also found that there are lots of interesting smells on a farm and lots of room to run!!

We have spent quite a bit of time just sitting and watching the chickens. No pictures of that. He is too overwhelmed if he gets too close.  We’re working on being calm. It is sooo difficult!