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Walking the Walk

A beautiful day for a walk along the river! The Paluxy River that runs through Glen Rose.

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Not much activity on the river, but plenty on the walk. Lots of folks out walking – with strollers and skateboards and fishing poles. Barking dogs and golf carts whizzing by. Squealing kids on the playground. Whew! So much to take in!!

Next stop – to meet the librarians!


Marni will be spending lots of time with these ladies!

And we end the day with a romp in the pasture with the big dogs!

And now she’s all tuckered out —

DSCN0581Night, night!

Bringing in the Hay

It’s hay baling time around here. Not here at the 7 Acre Wood. No hay growing here. We do have some critters here that like to munch on hay though, so that means finding someone else with some hay fields.

IMG_2794Conditions have finally become ripe for cutting and baling and loading and hauling and filling the barn here at the “ranch.”

Electra got to go along for the ride —

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 I wish you a bountiful week!