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A Birthday Party!!!

Our dog Walker just turned 8 years old. In dog – or human – years – whichever way you look at it, he’s about 56ish years old. Little ones always want to know this!!!! Walker has 2 brothers who live fairly close and we try to get them together at birthday time to celebrate. Marni got to join in the celebration this year along with CCI pup, Miguel. They made the most of it!

Walker, Challenger, and Honor are all Career Changed pups from Southeastern Guide Dogs and as pups were part of a prison program called IMPACT. We were weekend raisers getting the pups from the prison on weekends for socialization. It was an incredible program for dogs and inmates – and an eye-opening experience for us. SEGDI discontinued their IMPACT involvement a few years ago. I cherish the time that we were involved with it. Challenger is a working service dog, Walker is a Therapy dog and Honor helps raise pups for Canine Companions for Independence. They are all three Wonders!!

And they still enjoy time together! We pulled out the pool for some water fun. And all the dogs got to enjoy some yummy birthday frosty paws!! A great day all around!