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Making New Friends and Learning New Games

Marni met one of our rather reclusive neighbors this week. He ambles through the area occasionally. Not too often – and doesn’t stay long. Never has much to say about his world. But he always smells fantastic!!

IMG_1199 IMG_1200She was a polite hostess, but rather obsessed with her guest all day.

On another note, the young Labrador Retriever is just recently starting to dig down into her retrieving heritage and she’s finding it rather fun!

IMG_1206 IMG_1207She doesn’t have much stamina for the game. Too many distractions that she finds more fulfilling –

IMG_1209But we’re making progress!!!

Hope you have an adventurous day!!!


A Full Summer!

July has been a month FULL of fun and new experiences. 4th of July parades FULL of horses, tractors, fire trucks with sirens blaring, kids on bicycles, flags waving – so many sights and sounds to take in!!

July was also FULL of wee folks! Kids, kids, kids! To play with and read with and sleep with and swim with!

And to top it all off – Marni invented a new game!