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Friendship Day AND Watermelon Day!!

Yesterday, August 2, was Friendship Day! And today, August 3, is Watermelon Day! Friends and Watermelon! What could be better?!

Well, we celebrated both events today – Friends ventured out to The 7 Acre Wood to play in the river with us. It was a big Dog Party!!!

We had with us – our 2 Golden Buddies – Jazz and Buzz. And Walker’s brother Challenger. And little Labby pup, Kingpin! What a fun time!!

And since it’s Watermelon Day, we brought the day to a close with one of Marni’s favorite treats –


Hope you had a fun-filled, juicy Day, too!!

A Full Summer!

July has been a month FULL of fun and new experiences. 4th of July parades FULL of horses, tractors, fire trucks with sirens blaring, kids on bicycles, flags waving – so many sights and sounds to take in!!

July was also FULL of wee folks! Kids, kids, kids! To play with and read with and sleep with and swim with!

And to top it all off – Marni invented a new game!