Christmas Road Trip

We made a road trip to California for Christmas to spend time with family. One of our little Princesses danced in a performance of the Nutcracker with the Long Beach Ballet. She was an angel – of course she was! And is!!

IMG_1991 electra at the ballet

Electra enjoyed the performance. She watched nearly the whole thing. Explosions caught her attention and all the quick movements of the dancers had her mesmerized.

She was a real trooper on the road. A good traveller. Comfortable in the hotel.

We celebrated Electra’s birthday after the ballet performance with a visit to Frosted Cupcakery. Electra got some pupcakes! And a new penguin!

It was a good trip for Ms Electra. Lots of new exposures. She spent time with exuberant young girls, a snobby cat, toys EVERYWHERE that were not hers to play with, Christmas decorations. She spent some time in her crate observing and learning patience. She handled it all like a champ!

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