Mondays with Mike: My partner’s partners

This is why we take in these pups to raise up and train and love, love, love!!! And why we can give them up.

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Beth here. We debuted our “Mondays with Mike” feature just about a year ago, and since then many of you blog readers have told us how much you enjoy starting your week reading my husband Mike Knezovich’s posts. Some of you newcomers might not know that Mike had been weighing in occasionally with guest posts long before we started his regular Monday installment, and since the poor guy is down with the flu today, we’re reblogging a guest post he wrote in 2013, before “Mondays with Mike” was born. Please accept my apologies if the photos are out of whack –Mike usually handles the graphics on our blog posts!

They ain’t robots, they’re better

by Mike Knezovich

Beth’s on her fourth Seeing Eye dog—and, in a very real way, so am I. Everyone easily grasps the difference a guide dog can make in its partner’s life. What they might not…

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4 thoughts on “Mondays with Mike: My partner’s partners”

  1. Thanks for re-blogging Mike’s post from our “Safe & Sound” blog. He’s still down for the count, but once he recovers well enough to sit at a computer I’ll show him how much you appreciated this wonderful post he wrote. THANK you.


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